- Pascha vom Fleischerheim III x Magnum von Gottschalk  -Puppies ready for homes now! 1 Female available! (short coat litter)

- Eura vom Pinewest x Magnum von Gottschalk  -Puppies ready for homes now! 2 Females available! (1 long & 1 short coat)

- Yuma vom Fleischerheim II x Magnum von Gottschalk  -Puppies ready for homes Nov 27th! 2 Male spots available! (short coat litter)

- Lyna vom Fleischerheim x Magnum von Gottschalk  -Puppies born 11/14! 2 Male & 2 Female spots available! (short & long coat litter)

- Vera vom Fleischerheim III x Magnum von Gottschalk  -Vera has been bred. Due end of December.

- Willow von Lichtenstein x Magnum von Gottschalk  -Willow has been bred. Due end of December.

- Vicky vom Fleischerheim II x Magnum von Gottschalk  -Vicky will be in season soon.

Puppy Reservation List:

When a litter is born, we will start at the top of each gender list and offer the puppies in the order that deposits were received. We will contact you if there is a puppy to offer you. If you choose to not get a puppy from a said litter, you will still keep your place in line and be offered a puppy from the next litter born. $500 deposit to reserve a puppy. Email us for prices and health guarantee. Deposits are non refundable.

Upcoming Litters:

(Dates are subject to change.)


1.  Lee (waiting)

2.  O'Conner -Eura 2022

3.  Melznuh -Willow

4.  Chan -Spring 2022

5.  Christensen -Willow

6.  Howard -Willow





Those with "waiting" after their names are holding off on a puppy for 1+ years.


1. Sadlovsky (waiting)

2.  Welchert (waiting)

3.  Englund (waiting)

4.  Wolfswinkel (waiting)

5.  Rossmanith (waiting)

6.  Hoppe -Spring 2022

7.  Roe -Spring 2022




Please contact us with any questions. Our litters are produced from top quality WGSL German Shepherds. Puppies are suitable for show, breeding, and home pets. They will also have loving temperaments, confident strong nerves, superior structure & rich coat pigmentation. Our breeding program is focused on delivering only the highest quality of German Shepherds and we guarantee your full satisfaction. The German Shepherd dog is a very intelligent breed that make the perfect companions and family pets. Giving a German Shepherd dog your love results in them giving you their trust and loyalty for life. Please don't hesitate to ask any further questions regarding our upcoming litters and breeding program.

Purebred German Shepherd Puppies

So you want a puppy, will you want it all its life?

Will he be of all-important, like family and wife?
Will you handle him with gentleness even when you're in a mood?
And see his water's always fresh and that he's got good food?
Will you train him kindly and brush him every day?
And provide him with a clean dry bed, where he can always lay?
Will you teach the children that they too must be kind,
And that if he takes their toys, they really mustn't mind?
Will you train him on a lead, to sit and walk to heel?
Will you teach obedience, to come when he's afar?
To lay and stay if needed and be good in the car. And when he's learnt these lessons and loves you all so true,
Will you thank the day this puppy came to live with you?
And when he's old and feeble and life has passed by,
Your family broken hearted and not an eye is dry,
Will you still be happy, even through the pain,
And remember the good times, and start it all again?

West German Show Line German Shepherd Breeder in Minnesota

von Gottschalk German Shepherds