Our puppies not only reside in Minnesota, but you can also find a von Gottschalk pup in New York, Texas, Michigan, Illinois, Rhode Island, Missouri, South Dakota, North Dakota, Florida, Wisconsin, Nebraska, Ohio, and Indiana!

Our home to yours-
We are there for each first breath. Days and sleepless nights are spent caring for our precious new babies. Love is given to each new little beating heart. Joy is felt watching our babies grow each day. Heart ache is faced when something doesn't go the right way. Each sweet new cuddly puppy is raised with love from the bottom of our hearts. The best care is given to all of our puppies each day of their new lives. Each and every one of our puppies holds a special place in our hearts. Each puppy is a part of our family, every day of their lives. By letting you take home one of our babies we are trusting you with a piece of our heart, a member of our family. Ask us questions. Let us help you provide the best for our baby. And if your family should ever face the hard decision of having to give up our dog, we are here to help our dog return home.