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Please note: Our location is under construction and we are not allowing visitors until it is complete.

The only exception is for those picking up their puppies.

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Each puppy comes with:

*AKC registration application

*first set of shots at 7 weeks old

*multiple de-wormings

*hip/health guarantee

Puppies will be started on Diamond Naturals Large Breed Puppy Formula. 

Here at von Gottschalk German Shepherds we believe in responsible breeding. Please be aware that our prices are based on other puppies selling of the same quality in the midwest region. We want to encourage responsible breeding, so we only offer full breeding rights (full AKC registration) at a higher price. If you would like to breed your puppy in the future, you will need to purchase your puppy on full registration. If you are looking for a best friend or family pet you will only need to purchase your puppy on limited registration. Returning customers receive a discount.

Because of the risk of disease being brought in combined with the fact that we are a small breeder with our own family to accommodate, we do not allow visitors in our home prior to puppy pick up. No more exceptions! Puppy picks will now be made at 8 weeks old on pick up day. It will be very important when you make your appointment to pick up your new puppy that you are not late and do not change your time of arrival, there will be others behind you waiting to pick up their puppy also. We will make picking as easy as possible with personality descriptions, videos, and pictures. If you can not make your puppy pick at a well mannered time based on your place in line, you will have to make your choice based off our descriptions and pictures.

We are still allowing visitors for our adult dogs with the condition that they are not currently pregnant.

It is VERY IMPORTANT that at any time you are visiting our home, PLEASE do NOT bring other animals, especially sick animals to our home. Also, please refrain from visiting other breeders, dog parks, or pet stores prior to coming to our home. Parvo is a very powerful, deadly disease for our young puppies and even though the puppies are given a vaccine against it, they are still susceptible to it in those first few weeks. The disease can be carried in on your shoes without you knowing it. There are other diseases as well, but this can be one of the worst. Losing puppies is no fun.

We do as much socializing as we can with our puppies. We have three children, and as I'm sure you can imagine, they are around the puppies A LOT, so the puppies are always getting loads of attention and love. We try to introduce as many new sounds and new environments to the puppies as possible. When the weather is cooperating, we bring them outside, otherwise we bring them to different rooms of the house to explore and wander. We have a tv near the puppy pen area, so we often have that on for them. We also run a vacuum around them to get them used to loud noises. We have different types of toys that we give the puppies to play with. The puppies also get introduced to their first bath at 5 weeks of age and then blow dried, most of the time none of them seem to mind it! At 7 weeks old, the puppies are brought to the vet for their check up and shots, so they get a little feel of what a car ride is like. Usually riding in the car makes them very tired and they're asleep within a few minutes!

German Shepherds are great family pets, they are always willing to please, protective of their family, courageous, intelligent, and very loving. Our puppies have neutral calm and caring temperaments. Each and every puppy has their own characteristics and personality, nonetheless, how the new owner chooses to raise their puppy is a major determining factor regarding its personality. Raising a puppy is like raising a child, no puppy or child is born 'bad', it is all up to the parents on the upbringing. There are a few 'puppy temperament tests' you can do with each puppy to get an idea of their temperament/personality. 

Please remember when buying, a puppy is a commitment, and not just a gift you can throw away later if you don't like him or her. Please do your research about the breed and remember that puppies require a lot of patience, attention, time, training, and love!

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask! Please find our email and phone number on the 'Contact' tab of our page. We will respond to you as soon as we can! Thank you!